Thursday, March 1, 2012

Death as a Kindness???

Lent 2012  A Clean Heart, Create in Me
Thursday, March1st   Happy New Month!           Psalm 138:8

Does repentance need to be a burden?  Are these trials a necessary evil that must be endured?  C.S. would say definitely, yes.  As usual I both agree and disagree.   There are those that believe that all trials are given to us by God to sharpen us and  show our never ending need for grace.  While I believe that God will use all events to the good of those who love God, I cannot recognize a God that rains pain on those who love him in the name of our good.  We are the ones that turned from God and chose sin over joy.  We are the ones that brought these trials upon the world.  How dare we blame God for our sinfulness?  I do agree that "repentance is no fun at all," but I believe that the bringing death to our sinful ways is a kindness.  So these trials may instead be methods of healing, seasons of strengthening, and opportunities to show God's power, grace and love.  I will accept a kind of death to those selfish parts of me that keep me from all that God has created me to be.  Instead of grieving those losess, I will seek that kind death that brings me into new life.  Lord, help me grow closer to you through my repentance.  Let each of these thousand little deaths be a kindness.  For where there is less of me, me, me there can be more of You, my king.   

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