Wednesday, March 20, 2013

They Will Know Chapter 4

1.       Chapter 4: What a Christian feels
a.       The Scripture: James 4
                                                                i.      Daily reading schedule
1.       Monday James 4: 1-3
2.       Tuesday James 4: 4-10
3.       Wednesday James 4: 11-12
4.       Thursday James 4: 13-14a
5.       Friday James 4: 14b-17
6.       Saturday James 4

b.      Questions
                                                                i.      What causes fights and quarrels with the people in your life?
                                                               ii.      What fights and quarrels are you having with yourself?
                                                             iii.      What are the wrong motives described in v.3?  Are there other “wrong motives?”
                                                             iv.      Read Romans 12:2 how is this similar to what is said in v.4?
                                                              v.      How does the scripture quoted in verse 6, shed light on what is proclaimed in verse 5?
                                                             vi.      How does slandering our “brother” dishonor God?
                                                           vii.      Read Matthew  7:3, How is this scripture similar or different from v. 11&12
                                                          viii.      What problems arise when we live in the future?
c.       Connections
                                                                i.      Images: what kind of signs(posters) would you make to help people understand this chapter?
                                                               ii.      Music:  Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord
                                                             iii.      Links
                                                             iv.      Media
                                                              v.      Other
d.      Megathemes:
                                                                i.      Living Faith: How will this chapter help you live a life of faith?
                                                               ii.      Trials:  The drama of living in quarrelsome chaos, the oppression of being slandered in your community, the heartache of being judged unjustly, and the disappointment of expectations that are not met are examples of common trials.  How does this chapter of James teach us to avoid or learn from these trials?  
                                                             iii.      Law of Love:  vs. 7-10 paint a dark, dismal picture of what God wants.  How do these scriptures help us to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength?
                                                             iv.      Wise Speech:  What bad speech habit are you struggling with? How does this chapter help you?
                                                              v.      Wealth: Reread v. 3, Does our pursuit of financial, spiritual, social, and/or physical wealth entice us to petition God with wrong motives?

They Will Know Chapter 3

1.       Chapter 3: What a Christian says
a.       The Scripture: James 3
                                                                i.      Daily reading schedule
1.       Monday:  James 3: 1-2
2.       Tuesday:  James 3: 3-12
3.       Wednesday:  James 3:13-16
4.       Thursday:  James 3:17-18
5.       Friday:  James 3: 13-18
6.       Saturday: James 3

b.      Questions
                                                                i.      Since a teacher has the influence to change people they have a great responsibility to their students and the community.  A teacher will be held to a stricter judgment than others.  What attributes do you think a teacher is held accountable for?
                                                               ii.      A perfect person keeps his whole body in check.  Why does this process need to start with the tongue?
                                                             iii.      Is there any benefit to an untamed tongue?
                                                             iv.      Once again James uses many metaphors to basically say to the swearing child, “You kiss your mother with that filthy mouth?  Explain why one of the metaphors is most meaningful  to yo or come up with one of your own and explain why it is meaningful.
                                                              v.      If all wisdom comes from a place of humility, then how is any wisdom shared and spread?
                                                             vi.       What is an example of wisdom like that described in vs. 15 and 16?
                                                           vii.      What is an example of wisdom that comes from heaven?  Which of the attributes listed in v. 17 pertain to that wisdom?
                                                          viii.      How can you evaluate the wisdom you receive?
c.       Connections
                                                                i.      Images: Jester, Wise Man,
                                                               ii.      Music:
                                                             iii.      Links:
                                                             iv.      Media: The Thousand Words
                                                              v.      Other
d.      Megathemes:
                                                                i.      Living Faith: In v. 13 it commands us to “let man show his wisdom by his good life.”  How does faith help us to “do deeds in the humility that comes from wisdom?”
                                                               ii.      Trials: Read v. 17 again, What type of challenges or trials might you encounter while trying to live into this kind of wisdom?
                                                             iii.      Law of Love:  How would v. 17 wisdom lead you to love God and/or love your neighbor?
                                                             iv.      Wise Speech:  In the movie, The Thousand Words, a man is connected to a tree that loses a leaf for every word he speaks.  The curse is that when the last leaf falls both the tree and the man will be dead.   What would you say with your last 1000 words?
                                                              v.      Wealth: What is the relationship between wealth and wisdom? 

They will Know Chapter 2

1.       Chapter 2: What a Christian does
a.       The Scripture: James 2
                                                                i.      Daily reading schedule
1.       Monday:  James 2: 1-9
2.       Tuesday: James 2: 10-13
3.       Wednesday: James 2: 14 - 17
4.       Thursday: James 2: 18-20
5.       Friday: James 2: 21-26
6.       Saturday: review the stories of Abraham (Genesis 15 and22ish) and Rahab (Joshua 2)

b.      Questions
                                                                i.      Since James starts chapter 2 warning about favoritism, what types of behaviors (probably still seen in the modern church)must his audience be struggling with ?
                                                               ii.      Why do you suppose that James uses an example of behavior rather than just giving advice or laying down the law? (see James 2: 2-3)
                                                             iii.      Using examples from Monday’s reading compare and contrast the way the world sees the wealthy and poor and the way God sees the same groups.
                                                             iv.      Why does James say (v. 10) that if we break one part of the Law of Moses we have broken it all?
                                                              v.      What is another way of explaining the relationship between faith and works?
                                                             vi.      The argument from Thursday’s reading sounds somewhat like children arguing ( “you did.” “No you did.”  “Did not you did.”)  give an example of a more specific argument over the same topic. For example: one person is arguing that what they’re doing (Be specific) is enough and their partner is saying (specifically) that their faith is enough.
                                                           vii.      In Chapter 2, James uses the examples of Abraham and Rahab to show faith in action.  Describe how another character (real, biblical, or fictional)  puts their faith in action.
c.       Connections
                                                                i.      Images:  Pick an image that shows favoritism and a different image that shows people arguing.  What similarities do these images have?
                                                               ii.      Music:
                                                             iii.      Links:
                                                             iv.      Media:  see favoritism throughout the books In His Steps and The Ragamuffin Gospel
                                                              v.      Other:
d.      Megathemes:
                                                                i.      Living Faith: How does James advice regarding favoritism show us how to live our faith?
                                                              ii.      Trials:  James’ audience is made up of persecuted Christians.  How do you think that this audience would react to the messages contained in this chapter?  
                                                            iii.      Law of Love:  Explain how this chapter addresses both parts of the law of love?
                                                            iv.      Wise Speech:  How does this chapter address speech?
                                                              v.      Wealth:  James uses wealth to explain favoritism, what other example could have been just as effective?