Wednesday, March 20, 2013

They will Know Chapter 2

1.       Chapter 2: What a Christian does
a.       The Scripture: James 2
                                                                i.      Daily reading schedule
1.       Monday:  James 2: 1-9
2.       Tuesday: James 2: 10-13
3.       Wednesday: James 2: 14 - 17
4.       Thursday: James 2: 18-20
5.       Friday: James 2: 21-26
6.       Saturday: review the stories of Abraham (Genesis 15 and22ish) and Rahab (Joshua 2)

b.      Questions
                                                                i.      Since James starts chapter 2 warning about favoritism, what types of behaviors (probably still seen in the modern church)must his audience be struggling with ?
                                                               ii.      Why do you suppose that James uses an example of behavior rather than just giving advice or laying down the law? (see James 2: 2-3)
                                                             iii.      Using examples from Monday’s reading compare and contrast the way the world sees the wealthy and poor and the way God sees the same groups.
                                                             iv.      Why does James say (v. 10) that if we break one part of the Law of Moses we have broken it all?
                                                              v.      What is another way of explaining the relationship between faith and works?
                                                             vi.      The argument from Thursday’s reading sounds somewhat like children arguing ( “you did.” “No you did.”  “Did not you did.”)  give an example of a more specific argument over the same topic. For example: one person is arguing that what they’re doing (Be specific) is enough and their partner is saying (specifically) that their faith is enough.
                                                           vii.      In Chapter 2, James uses the examples of Abraham and Rahab to show faith in action.  Describe how another character (real, biblical, or fictional)  puts their faith in action.
c.       Connections
                                                                i.      Images:  Pick an image that shows favoritism and a different image that shows people arguing.  What similarities do these images have?
                                                               ii.      Music:
                                                             iii.      Links:
                                                             iv.      Media:  see favoritism throughout the books In His Steps and The Ragamuffin Gospel
                                                              v.      Other:
d.      Megathemes:
                                                                i.      Living Faith: How does James advice regarding favoritism show us how to live our faith?
                                                              ii.      Trials:  James’ audience is made up of persecuted Christians.  How do you think that this audience would react to the messages contained in this chapter?  
                                                            iii.      Law of Love:  Explain how this chapter addresses both parts of the law of love?
                                                            iv.      Wise Speech:  How does this chapter address speech?
                                                              v.      Wealth:  James uses wealth to explain favoritism, what other example could have been just as effective?

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