Wednesday, March 20, 2013

They Will Know Chapter 3

1.       Chapter 3: What a Christian says
a.       The Scripture: James 3
                                                                i.      Daily reading schedule
1.       Monday:  James 3: 1-2
2.       Tuesday:  James 3: 3-12
3.       Wednesday:  James 3:13-16
4.       Thursday:  James 3:17-18
5.       Friday:  James 3: 13-18
6.       Saturday: James 3

b.      Questions
                                                                i.      Since a teacher has the influence to change people they have a great responsibility to their students and the community.  A teacher will be held to a stricter judgment than others.  What attributes do you think a teacher is held accountable for?
                                                               ii.      A perfect person keeps his whole body in check.  Why does this process need to start with the tongue?
                                                             iii.      Is there any benefit to an untamed tongue?
                                                             iv.      Once again James uses many metaphors to basically say to the swearing child, “You kiss your mother with that filthy mouth?  Explain why one of the metaphors is most meaningful  to yo or come up with one of your own and explain why it is meaningful.
                                                              v.      If all wisdom comes from a place of humility, then how is any wisdom shared and spread?
                                                             vi.       What is an example of wisdom like that described in vs. 15 and 16?
                                                           vii.      What is an example of wisdom that comes from heaven?  Which of the attributes listed in v. 17 pertain to that wisdom?
                                                          viii.      How can you evaluate the wisdom you receive?
c.       Connections
                                                                i.      Images: Jester, Wise Man,
                                                               ii.      Music:
                                                             iii.      Links:
                                                             iv.      Media: The Thousand Words
                                                              v.      Other
d.      Megathemes:
                                                                i.      Living Faith: In v. 13 it commands us to “let man show his wisdom by his good life.”  How does faith help us to “do deeds in the humility that comes from wisdom?”
                                                               ii.      Trials: Read v. 17 again, What type of challenges or trials might you encounter while trying to live into this kind of wisdom?
                                                             iii.      Law of Love:  How would v. 17 wisdom lead you to love God and/or love your neighbor?
                                                             iv.      Wise Speech:  In the movie, The Thousand Words, a man is connected to a tree that loses a leaf for every word he speaks.  The curse is that when the last leaf falls both the tree and the man will be dead.   What would you say with your last 1000 words?
                                                              v.      Wealth: What is the relationship between wealth and wisdom? 

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