Wednesday, March 20, 2013

They Will Know Chapter 1

1.       Chapter 1: What a Christian has
a.       The Scripture: James 1
                                                                i.      Daily reading schedule
1.       Monday:    James 1:1-8
2.       Tuesday:   James 1:9-11
3.       Wednesday: James 1:12-15
4.       Thursday: James 1: 16-18
5.       Friday: James 1: 19-25
6.       Saturday: James chapter one
b.      Questions: 
                                                                i.      After the initial greeting (v. 1), James jumps right in and directly addresses the trials that people go through.  He is referring to persecuted Christians.  How is this an (in)effective way to start this letter? 
                                                               ii.      According to Chapter 1, what does a Christian have?
1.       What would you add to that list?
                                                             iii.      Why should we praise God through our storms? How do you do this?
                                                             iv.      Why do the rich fade?  Do you know someone who fell into the wealth trap?
                                                              v.      What do you think is the relationship amongst thought/speech/ intention/ temptation/ desire/ sin/ and death?
                                                             vi.      How do you consider yourself “the first fruits of all he created”?
                                                           vii.      “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says.”  What does James mean when he says that just listening to the word leads to deception?
                                                          viii.      How does the beginning of this letter (James chapter 1) seem to you? (preachy, problem solving, kind, helpful, general, specific, etc.)
c.       Connections
                                                                i.      Images:  James uses many metaphors in chapter 1.  Find images that showcase  one of the metaphors
                                                               ii.      Music:  What other songs did you think of when reading this chapter? Ex.  Casting Crowns “Praise You in the Storm” , Caedmon’s Call  “Shifting Sand”
                                                             iii.      Links:
                                                             iv.      Video:
                                                              v.      Other:
d.      Megathemes:
                                                                i.      Living Faith: What do verses 22-26 say about living faith?
                                                               ii.      Trials:  What are the benefits of trials?
                                                             iii.      Law of Love:  How does this chapter teach s to love God and/or love neighbor.
                                                             iv.      Wise Speech:  Why is controlling our speech, so important to our spiritual journey?
                                                              v.      Wealth:  How do we balance being Good Stewards with having Faith that God will provide?

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