Wednesday, March 20, 2013

They Will Know Chapter 4

1.       Chapter 4: What a Christian feels
a.       The Scripture: James 4
                                                                i.      Daily reading schedule
1.       Monday James 4: 1-3
2.       Tuesday James 4: 4-10
3.       Wednesday James 4: 11-12
4.       Thursday James 4: 13-14a
5.       Friday James 4: 14b-17
6.       Saturday James 4

b.      Questions
                                                                i.      What causes fights and quarrels with the people in your life?
                                                               ii.      What fights and quarrels are you having with yourself?
                                                             iii.      What are the wrong motives described in v.3?  Are there other “wrong motives?”
                                                             iv.      Read Romans 12:2 how is this similar to what is said in v.4?
                                                              v.      How does the scripture quoted in verse 6, shed light on what is proclaimed in verse 5?
                                                             vi.      How does slandering our “brother” dishonor God?
                                                           vii.      Read Matthew  7:3, How is this scripture similar or different from v. 11&12
                                                          viii.      What problems arise when we live in the future?
c.       Connections
                                                                i.      Images: what kind of signs(posters) would you make to help people understand this chapter?
                                                               ii.      Music:  Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord
                                                             iii.      Links
                                                             iv.      Media
                                                              v.      Other
d.      Megathemes:
                                                                i.      Living Faith: How will this chapter help you live a life of faith?
                                                               ii.      Trials:  The drama of living in quarrelsome chaos, the oppression of being slandered in your community, the heartache of being judged unjustly, and the disappointment of expectations that are not met are examples of common trials.  How does this chapter of James teach us to avoid or learn from these trials?  
                                                             iii.      Law of Love:  vs. 7-10 paint a dark, dismal picture of what God wants.  How do these scriptures help us to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength?
                                                             iv.      Wise Speech:  What bad speech habit are you struggling with? How does this chapter help you?
                                                              v.      Wealth: Reread v. 3, Does our pursuit of financial, spiritual, social, and/or physical wealth entice us to petition God with wrong motives?

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