Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Going back is the quickest way on."

Lent 2012 A Clean Heart, Create in me.  C.S.Lewis
Wednesday February 29, LEAP DAY!  Psalm 51:10 our title verse

Oh how british! (in your best brit accent) "the quickest way on"  To repent means more than to turn around it means to turn towards Christ.  How often have we given up one bad habit only to replace it with another?  Turning back on our wrong road allows us to repair the mistkes we've made and to heal the brokenness that made us think this path was the right road to begin with.  However, if we don't seek God's right path for us then we can find another wrong road or worse still get stuck repairing on the roadside, never really moving in any direction. 
Admitting we are wrong is such a bummer.  It's just as difficult as admitting we need help.  Tough independent spirited Americans never admit being weak or wrong, it's anti-patriotic.  However much of our need is created when we refuse to admit weakness or misjudgment or miscommunication or mistakes.  It is near impossible to create a clean heart if we don't honestly assess the state of our hearts.  Let us trn to our God and ask to be shown where we've gone wrong.  Let us ask to be led back to the path that leads to forgiveness and grace.  Let us ask for yet another chance to follow Christ.  Let us ask for fellow travelers on whom we can depend.  Let us ask for a true GPS (God Positioning System) and the obedience to follow its directions.  Since we have a lot to ask let us first be silent and listen.  Let us pray...

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