Monday, February 27, 2012

Guided toward truth

Lent 2012  A Clean Heart, Create in Me
Monday February 27                                       Psalm 19:7

"Guide me toward the truth: about myself, about the world, about You."   All things true added together do not create a sum that is truth.  That does not make these items less true but perhaps less significant on the Grand Scale, on our "permanent records."  The Ten Commandments stand as the basis for society and yet do not fully capture the entire will and truth of God.  Yet we cannot deny our human need for such structure.  But legal and mindless obedience to a list of rules is not what we are called to.  They are but the beginning.
I went to the Holland Patent Swim Banquet yesterday.  Coach Celecki said several times that looking honestly at the team, at some meets they were fighting at best for second place.  Yet that did not stop the team  from individually and collectively striving for their best.  They developed strength through coaching and practice, they developed an identity through the family created by athletes, parents, coaches and friends.  They had an excellent record overall and beat several personal and school-wide records.  Yet they knew that they probably would not be number one. 
We too will fall short of all that God desires for us.  Let us not be stopped by some ranking.  Through practice and coaching let us strive and thrive according to God's will.  Let us revel in our identity revealed through our service, our loving, of family, peers, coaches, friends and strangers.  Fortnately God is more than the sum of Christianity's parts.  God is truth and love and truth in love, and so much more.

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