Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Cross and How I bear it

Lent 2012: A Clean Heart Create in Me from C.S.Lewis
Thursday 2/23 Luke 9: 23-24

I hate that sappy poster: If you love something set it free, if it comes back, it is yours but if it does not, it never was. I remember my first collossal broken heart and how that was supposed to bring me hope just devstated me even more. Here comes Jesus spouting seemingly the same nonsense. Oh Boy!
Give up what I love to receive something that I can't even imagine. Hmmmmmm. But what if the cross I'm asked to bear is that which breaks my heart today? Injustice, Poverty, lack of health care, war, and death are all crosses that some people must bear. My friend Marguerite's heart breaks for those people who are struggling to nurture their family alone. She bears it by offering before and after school care, training, support and love. This does not stop the problem but it so transforms the world that more people do more than survive they thrive and then they help others as well. A cross is not meant to punish us but discipline us, hone us, refine us.
My Cross? You. You break my heart. I am called to resource God's people to respond to God's call in their life. How can I so transform the world so that You can get what you need to follow God more effectively and efficiently? How do I bear this cross? I try to stay healthy. I nurture networks of people and resources that are ready for that moment when an inspired person says yes to God. I find many and different ways to connect and communicate with people all over the world. I study and train. I serve a church. I laugh... a lot. For someone who bears a cross, I laugh an insane amount. That helps me bear it. After all laughter is ever so much more attractive than a groan. What is your cross? How can God (possibly through me) help you bear it?

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