Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is any prayer ordinary?

Lent 2012 A Clean Heart, Create in Me  C.S.Lewis
Tuesday, February 28   Matthew 6:9

"Ordinary" prayer, "Ordinary" prayer????  Is any prayer ordinary that seeks connection to God?  The Lord's Prayer, or Our Father, is a prayer that many Christians memorize.  Yet, even that has fallen by the wayside.  In worship, I try to make sure the words are always available because I can no longer assume that every person has this prayer as a basic part of their education.  Many churches in their quest to be contemporary dismiss the practice of saying this prayer as qaint or outdated.   Simple daily prayer where we admit our need for God should never be considered "ordinary."   It is a restraining of our independent headstrong bent as humans, it is a humbling of our warrior spirit, it is acknowledging our smallness by hoping for a connection with infinite greatness.  It is no "ordinary" practice or mindless rite.  Even though we may treat it like the alphabet where we have to recite the whole thing to get one little bit from the center, it remains a vital discipline of our spiritul journey.  Prayer may be the simplest expression of faith but God the Creator, Jesus the Savior and the motivator known as the Holy Spirit work together to be present, when we pray.  How can that be "ordinary?"  And maybe that is Lewis' point afterall.   Indeed, "Let my prayers come to you, O Lord, in purity (from a heart now clean) and simplicity." but Lord remind me everyday that this privilege of speaking directly through you and to you is anything but ordinary lest I take it for granted.  And all God's people say?...

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