Tuesday, February 21, 2012

For the Ankens and the community they've inspired

On Sunday morning, the sun rose on the cold white of the cemetery at Steuben corners. A family gathered to shed tears and set family members at rest. We gathered on holy ground and said sacred words. We created a place that will always exist out of time and beyond common sense. It is a place of love and memory,a place of joy and prayer, a place to connect and find peace. As we travel to that place whether in person, in our mind or in our dreams we will find exactly what our hearts need according to God's Great Will for us. Our friends are not gone but have simply travelled further on, out of sight but never out of mind. They go ahead and we can so choose to live a life centered on Christ that the services on Saturday and Sunday are not a goodbye but a breath until we all are together again. Until that time, we remain, created in love, taught through grace, and empowered to love others. Thank you Charlie and Georgianna for shining so brightly. Shine on!

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