Monday, March 12, 2012

Who is this King of Glory?

Lent 2012            A Clean Heart, Create in Me      C.S.Lewis

Monday March 12, 2012                         Luke 4:28-29

Son of Man and Son of God.  Human and Divine.  Some say that Jesus is a great ideal, they do not even accept that he was.  They say that Jesus is a metaphor for good behavior.  I think C.S. is right we cannot be on the fence when it comes to the identity of Jesus.  Who he was, is and will be is at the center of our faith.  Now don’t get me wrong, Jesus will have a different set of effects on each person’s life.  We do not have to understand how Jesus is God and Jesus is man.  When we try to diminish who Jesus was, is and will be we are trying to exert our control over that which is uncontrollable.   When we categorize Christ, we are trying to set boundaries to increase our comfort.  When we categorize Christ we are trying to make Jesus an “only” or a” just.”  I wonder if we are doing this to connect ourselves more completely with Jesus or to distance ourselves from Christ.  Jesus asked, “Who do they say I am?” and “Who do you say that I am?”  This devotion is asking us to get off the fence and make a decision.  Who is Jesus to you?  What do your behaviors and choices say about who Jesus is?   In my opinion, it is not possible to transform our lives and our world if Christ is anything less than Son of God and Son of Man.  If Jesus was just a good teacher than it would take less than 2000 years for him to disappoint humanity completely.  If Jesus is only God than how can he have any understanding of humanity and how could he stand in for humanity to be or redeeming salvation.  However, the Jesus that is God and man is our salvation and the only hope we can have.  Lord, help me understand who you are and how you are.  I cannot hope to understand the total picture, but show me your presence, so that I have follow that light.

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Anonymous said...

"I wonder if we are doing this to connect ourselves more completely with Jesus.."

I think maybe that is what I do, or, why I do it.