Friday, May 2, 2008

What are we so AFRAID of?

I went to breakfast today with several clergy. It was our monthly meeting where we share church happenings and such. One clergywomen suggested that we, as clergy, establish a mission: a community outreach, a youth center, some helpful impact on the community. I was all for it. I said that if we can make eating a priority (we meet at a local Dennys) then serving God should be no problem. I was amazed that her suggestion was NOT met with passionate Hallelujahs!! and earth shattering AMENs. At the same time, in the same restaurant, my ex-mentor was meeting with someone. I know that if he wasn't retired, he would have been behind the mission. Also at the same restaurant was another clergy member who is known for community outreach: he would have been onboard.
What was it that stopped the rest of the clergy from jumping into the fray? What was it that shut their mouths? Their silence made me doubt whether or not I was on the right side of the idea. I'm glad that God put the subtle reminders of the other clergys' presence to shake me out of my doubts. I am BOLD because God made me this way. If this clergy venture fails, it won't be because of apathy. Any attempt adds to the Kingdom of God at the very least by its example.
Nothing was settled by the end of the meeting and I'm kind of glad that my clergy friend and I have time to stir up God's kind of trouble. Are you with us?

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