Friday, May 16, 2008


I just spent an hour with the most amazing young woman. My job was to listen to her. JUST LISTEN. I did ask some questions to keep her talking. I listened to her face and body language. I listened to her tone and attitude. I listened to her eagerness and reticence. I feel guilty because I was so blessed by her story. I was there to help her and once again God blessed me. By listening I was able to let God's light shine into her darkness.

I just spent an hour with the most amazing young woman. My job was to BE with her. JUST BE. She had come through surgery with flying colors. The painkillers made her drowsy and she needed to keep her heavy lids closed. So I sung songs and told stories. She listened. I put a cool compress on her forehead and said healing prayers with her. She listened. I held her hand as she slept. She listened. I was blessed. The restful look in her mom's eyes and the quick smile made all the difference to me. When I hugged my friend the patient goodbye I could feel how grateful she was that God had been brought into her recovery room.

Listening is the skill that will always be in need of improvement. The skills of knowing when to shut up and knowing what to say, at the right time and the right way constantly escape me when they are needed most. But today I spent time with two amazing women who taught me how to listen and how to be listened to.

How do you listen? Who listens to you? What do you have to say? What do you need to hear?

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