Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"In the beginning" God created

What God created was formless and shapeless, a void. Doesn't sound much like the God I've seen create. John Wesley describes it as: 'Twas shapeless, 'twas useless, 'twas without inhabitants, without ornaments; the shadow or rough draught of things to come.' I love the idea of God's rough draft. How often do we think that in God's perfection, God didn't need a rough sketch, an outline, a rough draft of what was to come? In my hurry to get to what God was creating, I overlooked what God started with.

I am praying for several people right now regarding health issues. Some may be family issues, fear issues, strength issues, grief issues, transition issues, but all are spiritual issues. I have been looking towards what God will do. I have forgotten to look at what God has already done. What seems to me to be a wasteless void, a chaotic confusion, and a formless mess is really God's rough draft of what is to come.

My friend who fears going to the doctor will show how restoring a relationship with health care will lead to health regardless of the diagnosis. But right now, she is relying on God to lead her and protect her as an act of faith.

The family that is in crisis will learn how to listen to each other and communicate their needs and independence to each other. But now they are looking outside the family and asking for God reconciling power to act.

The women who are dealing with grief and grieving issues will see how God will unite them and use the gifts of the Keepers of the Faith that have gone on before to bring forth the Kingdom. But now they are living one minute at a time and living it with raw emotion and sharing the stories of these legends.

The church that is dealing with a pastoral change will show how they are the body of Christ that can never be defeated. But right this very moment they are cementing relationships through outbursts and forgiveness. They are fighting and making plans with God.

How could I have missed all that? I was in such a hurry for God to get to the part where light was created and a happy ending became possible, that I forgot the beauty that is, was, and will be contained in the struggle. I threw out the rough draft because I forgot that it was the foundation for what was to come. I hope you can learn from my mistake. I know I did.

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pam thompson said...

i to made a mistake i thought god was in strict teachings and a bulding, but thanks to meeting you i have learned that he is more and every where. i so will miss you,but i'm so happy we met. you have opened my eyes and for that i'll always be grateful.may god be with you in your future journys,god bless!