Monday, June 18, 2012

Things I Learned from my Puppy

everything is worth a little nibble just to help us understand that thing more
Rolling onto your back is not an act of submission but an invitation to scratch a belly
every moment is a great time to tell me how cute, wonderful, and/or good I am
It is a time to celebrate if I release my waste in appropriate time and places.
Every meal is a huge blessing
I can count on my people.  When I run to them they will catch me up and offer protection and love.
catching my tail is not a waste of time but part of my mission statement,  I will catch it and it deserves to be chewed on and shown who's boss.
Everyday I grow
My space space is my space.
Outside is a wonderful place to explore smell and chew
It is normal for me to mess up and my people will still love me.
Wiggle, bounce, climb, snuggle, lick

My little Molly Mayhem is already part of the family.  I thank the Wheeler family who loved her from birth right on through today.  I am fortunate that such a wise yet silly friend and pet is now a part of my everyday.  Molly is smart and I am blessed by what she is teaching me but terrified about the things I am teaching her unintentionally.  However the basic skills of living together in love are not to be feared.    She is already enjoying the freedom of living in the spirit of grace.  And I am reminded of the gifts of grace and truth and love that have been lavished on me.  Will I bask in them and bound joyfully into the world not fearing the hawk or the hole which may consume me?  Will I make a joyful noise to the Lord just because I can.  I can't wait to see what Molly will teach me next.  Molly!  Molly!  Molly??  MOLLY!  Hey Andy, where's the puppy?  MOLLY?  MOLLY?  oh molly.....

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heatherwheeler said...

Aw! This was a lovely post! Jason and I are fostering a puppy, and have noticed the same things you've mentioned. We also see him picking up on several of Sadie's (our 14 yr old pup)mannerisims. It's amazing, the unconditional love they give you.