Tuesday, May 15, 2012

King of Glory

Who is this King of Glory?  So much of western culture is infused with information and events surrounding God aka “The Father” and Jesus aka “The Savior” that even the most un-churched person knows enough to call out their names in time of trouble.  The Holy Spirit aka “The Paraclete” is not as well-known and that neglect has been the root of many of the world’s problems.  We have at least two great problems.  One problem is our ignorance of the names and character of the Holy Spirit and the other is or fear of allowing this barely known spirit to have sway over our lives.  The trust we have in Jesus and God is somehow difficult to extend to the nebulous Holy Spirit.  Therefore our exploration of the very nature of the Holy Spirit is necessary if we are to rely on more than our humanity to navigate this world and enjoy the kingdom to come.  How well we devote ourselves to knowing, accepting and responding to this Holy Breath of God that gives life, will be equal to or surpassed by the amazing work of this Holy Fire in our lives.  Jesus himself told the disciples before his ascension that it would be better for us to have the spirit.    Seek this Spirit and know the Father’s love.

Prayer:  Holy Presence of God, help me know you by revealing your names to me.  I am thankful for the diversity of you.  You are never just one thing but many things, as numerous as my needs, as plentiful of my dreams.    Help me recognize your movement in my life.  I want your name to ever be on my tongue so my innermost groans and shouts can be understood throughout the kingdom of God.  To better know you and to more obediently and humble work with you will be my focus and my goal. I pray this through your grace. Amen.

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