Monday, May 7, 2012

Holy Spirit
Blog 1:

In the beginning... God hovered over the chaotic waters.  Check out Genesis 1:1-2.  It is the first appearance of the Holy Spirit related in the Bible.  I think that the spirit of the Lord hovering over the chaos but not being drawn into the drama speaks volumes.  First of all, Flying, Floating, Hovering all people literally dream of the freedom of flight.  Dream interpretors will tell you that flying dreams suggest feelings of freedom and limitless space and possibilities/opportunities. (Go flying dreams)   But then if the H.S. is hovering over the chaos is that implying that the Spirit is above it all and is judgy and non-connected to our plight?  I get the feeling that the H.S. is surveying and assessing the palette on top which God will create.  Here is where you picture a classic painter with a splattered frock coat and wild hair studying a blank canvas with his thumb thrust forward.  In our series, we will discover what the bible and various authors have to say about this powerful part of the Trinity.  You are invited to travel along with us.  Let's see; there are several opportunities: The sermon series is at the Steuben UMC in Remsen starting at 9 a.m., then there is this devotional blog, the god-spotting podcast, the Tuesday night bible study (6:30 @ the church), the small group video study(Fridays @ the Haier's), The books: the God I Never Knew and Forgotten God, various internet connections and prayers. 

Here is this week's spirit prayer:
O Breath of God,
breeze into the cracks and crevices of my heart.  I am thankful for your inspiration, comfort, and gifts.  Yet I do not know you as well as I could.  Ignite a fire to warm the parts of my soul that have grown cold.  Show me the sunlit lines of your face as we walk this road together,  By Your Grace -- Amen.

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