Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Spirituality of Fundraising??? I think not!

Advent Devotional Commentary
Jesus Beloved Son Henri Nouwen
December 5, 2012
Isaiah 25:9

Okay I was following along with this devotional.  You cannot serve two masters: God and money.  In order to have a right relationship with money we must have a right relationship with God.  How we relate to money and the world is not a simple financial matter but a spiritual one.  I get all that and struggle with the practical need for cash and the faithful dependence on God.  I need to be a good steward of my resources and believe that Jesus is sufficient.
But then in italics at the bottom it says "A Spirituality of Fundraising", huh? what??  What does this have to do with church dinners and bake sales?  Fundraising is to pay our bills right?  What is spiritual about selling our wares to light our building?  But maybe that is the point.  We have forgotten our primary relationship when we strip the spirit from any activity including fundraising.  It is no wonder that the public thinks the church is after their wallets and not their hearts.  I know that there are statistics to back up this statement but I don't have access to them.  People give more to causes that they believe in or have a personal relationship with.  For instance, our change for change collection is always larger when it is personal connection or local focus or has a champion within the congregation.  Our giving to the Relay for life is so generous because we have looked into the eyes of those who fight and we can't not give.  (I know it's an awkward sentence but read it again.) Our greatest giving comes from a generous place and a strong relationship.  Imagine if that relationship and generosity was focused on or relationship with God.  Then perhaps we wold be glad and rejoice.  After all...  This is the day (this is the day) that the Lord has made (that the Lord has made) Let us be glad (Let us be glad) and rejoice in it ( and rejoice in it).  hee hee you know you sang that last bit.  Well so did I and I am glad that Jesus is sufficient for the day and in him are all my tomorrows.  Whom shall I fear?

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